Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a Listing Alert account?

Broker’s are encouraged to speak with a representative in order to create a Listing Alert account. You will need an active licensed real estate/broker number, a telephone number, company address, and a valid email address. 

I’m an agent, can I sign up with Listing Alert?

Though you can inquire for more information, your broker must set up the initial account. Individual agents are ineligible to purchase a Listing Alert license.  

Who has access to my broker account?

The broker will only have access to their account with the ability to add and delete agents within the brokerage. 

Does a property drop off Listing Alert when it goes onto the MLS?

Yes, once a property is “Active” on the market, the property will automatically drop off of Listing Alert.

Can I get notified of new listings?

Yes, everyone working within a particular brokerage will receive real time notifications when a new listing is entered into Listing Alert. Brokers have the ability to adjust and set notification times through their broker account. Default times are between 9:00am and 5:00 pm daily.  

Can I delete or edit a listing?

Yes, users have the ability to edit and delete their own listings at any time.  

How have brokerages navigated the industry in the past and what makes Listing Alert different?

The traditional brokerage process differs from state to state and county to county. Keeping in compliance with NAR and MLS Rules,  Traditionally brokerages have used many different ways to market their new listings within the brokerage. These include white boards, Google docs, private Facebook accounts and inter office emails. Listing Alert is a more seamless and tech savvy way of accomplishing this same task. It can literally be done in front of your client at the time the listing is taken. 


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