Meet the team behind Listing Alert.

Core Team

Meet Linda.

Product Officer

Linda's commitment to the personal and professional growth of herself and the people around her has contributed to 12+ successful years as a leader in the real estate industry. As Product Officer of Listing Alert, Linda draws on her experience working for a Fortune 5 company, and as the long-time MLS™ Executive for the Fresno Association of Realtors™, where she shaped and deployed technology solutions for over 4,000 agents. In her current role, Linda is ultimately responsible for all aspects of Listing Alert's Operations and rapid growth. In addition to mothering her 2 children, Linda and her husband can often be found at their family’s non-profit gym, dedicated to accelerating awareness and acceptance for all people with various abilities, or out at family sporting events.

Bitwise Support

As a portfolio company of Bitwise Industries, Listing Alert is fully surrounded by people and resources to help ensure the success of the company in the key areas of software development, marketing, sales and customer success.

Meet Nicole.

VP of Product Marketing, Bitwise Industries

As VP of Product Marketing at Bitwise, Nicole and her team oversee and execute all aspects of Listing Alert's national marketing, branding and public relations. As a results focused leader, Nicole brings her 16 years of business-to-business marketing expertise the table as we rapidly grow and carefully scale the organization. In her free time, Nicole enjoys reading and being outdoors with her husband and kids.

Meet Michelle.

Head of Customer Success, Bitwise Industries

As Head of Customer Success at Bitwise, Michelle oversees all implementation and support for Listing Alert customers. Backed by a successful and award-winning management career at a Fortune 50 advertising and software firm, she is committed to making the onboarding and support experience as seamless and valuable as possible to our clients. Outside of work, Michelle is a mom (to a fantastic young girl), Rotary President in her community, and a Realtor™. Her motto is, "A little beach time fixes everything."

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