ed evans

"Our experience has been great! Listing Alert really helped fill an information and communication gap for agents within the brokerage."

Ed Evans
Broker/Owner, REMAX

Picture of Margie Kneebone, Realtor

"I saw another agent's listing on the app and we were able to put a deal together with my buyer before the property even hit MLS™."

Margie Kneebone
Realtor™, Berkshire Hathaway

kyle chaney

"Not only does it assist listing agents with potential sellers, but it also allows buyers' agents the head start to notify their clients of possible home matches."

Kyle Chaney
Sales Manager, Berkshire Hathaway

Nancy Rodriguez

"Listing Alert is a great addition to our realtor™ toolbox! A great way to get a jump on the game!!"

Nancy Rodriguez
Agent, Berkshire Hathaway

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